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Education, especially in the area of literacy has the potential to change the future and the psychosocial circumstances that are the reality in a majority of First Nations and Inuit communities. The Remediation Plus Literacy Program has demonstrated its efficacy across Canada, including school boards in Labrador/Newfoundland, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. 


Some schools use Remediation Plus`s curriculum and training to close the reading gap accrued in many students with pull out reading intervention. Some schools have used R+ to teach the whole classroom of students K-3 how to read and spell. According to the research these programs have greatly improved the success of their students by grade 3 so most can compete and succeed in their higher grades ."Nothing succeeds like success."


The FNSSP project in the 24 NAN schools has been a huge source of pride and improvement with the Remediation Plus training as has the FNSSP project in the Labrador Innu Schools.


“It is my pleasure to offer my comments on the Remediation Plus program. As a small district (only two schools) we have faced challenges in terms of literacy levels among our students. Our students speak English as a second language and many of them face attendance issues. We looked to Remediation Plus as one of our major resources to help address this problem. In my opinion, the program has met with much success. We have invested in the program by employing it and training our primary/elementary teaching staff to use it as a primary means of literacy remediation in both schools.”

Clarence Davis, Principal, Sheshatshiu Innu School


“Remediation Plus has been a great experience. I have witnessed first hand grade 3 students who could not read or write, gain confidence in themselves and learn to love reading. They were consistently engaged with the material and felt success on a daily basis.  Eighty percent of my students had shown improvement over the course of six months.  I would recommend this program to any teacher looking for an engaging literacy program.”

Andrea Nardi,  Lydia Lois Beardy Memorial School in Wunnumin Lake, ON


"Our objective was to provide teachers with the skill set to increase literacy levels in students whose needs are not being met with the provincial program. The program addresses the lag in student development that is created by numerous factors. Pre and post testing indicates an increase in phonetic and word recognition scores. The structure of program is very user friendly and teachers have had positive comments on it. The skills learned by teachers are very transferable to all classroom instruction, and its use reinforces good teaching. Overall, the program has achieved the intended purpose and has become a key component in the district plan to address Literacy.  I have no difficulty in recommending its use."

Henry Windeler, Assistant Director of Education (Programs) Labrador School Board, Goose Bay, Lab., NL

What People Are Saying

"..Using R+ as our main tool for teaching our students how to read is one of the biggest ways we can make a difference in the early learning of your child.."


Paula Woods, SK Teacher
Children’s Garden School

"..Over the last several years, I have referred many of my clients diagnosed with a reading or spelling lag, dyslexia, or learning disability to Remediation Plus..."


Felicia Travis, M.A., D.C.S., C. Netley, Ph.D

"..Remediation Plus has been a great experience. I have witnessed first hand grade 3 students who could not read or write, gain confidence in themselves and learn to love reading..."


Andrea Nardi
Lydia Lois Beardy Memorial School in Wunnumin Lake, ON

"..The Remediation Plus program works so efficiently and quickly that both students and parents are often overwhelmed and pleased by the result.."


Ann Kristoff

"..Our students love the hands-on materials and multi-sensory approach and more importantly that they are achieving success where they hadn’t before..."


Allison Walsh, Special Education Resource Teacher
Waterloo Catholic District School Board

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