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By Cari Miller, Director, Reading First Just Read, Florida!


The Remediation Plus intervention program is a multisensory, systematic, phonics curriculum for all ages of students who struggle with reading, spelling, and or handwriting due to LD, dyslexia, or reading lag. Taught to mastery, everyday (45 min) to 1 to 3 students by teacher trained in the program.


R+ is based on five resources of reading research from:

  1. National Institute of Health
  2. Pat and Charles Lindamood
  3. Combining Lindamood theory with kinesthetic, tactile, and speech
  4. Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham
  5. Beth Slingerland- “Slingerland handwriting”


A complete battery of assessments are given to all students, not for placement, everyone starts on either lesson 1 or 2(if student can already blend) but for teaching (prescriptive), so that the teacher knows each students strengths/weaknesses.


The lesson format is approximately 45 minutes each and includes:

  1. Direct instruction (scripted) of phonological awareness, spelling rule, or syllable instruction   begins each lesson.
  2. Visual Drill  (Orton- Gillingham) students look at 12 phonemes, then one at a time state the sound, think of a word in which the sound is used in this way (e.g., or for corn).
  3. Auditory drill (Orton-Gillingham) Teacher says the sound, students write what he hears on paper.
  4. Phoneme Segmentation & Sequencing (Lindamood Bell) Use colored tiles or magnets to think about how many phonemes are in words.
  5. Sound Manipulation Exercises (linguistic gymnastics—phoneme manipulation
  6. Blending with the ball- use the ball to roll to the student as the teacher segments and states the sound then the student rolls it back as they repeat the sound. A rice tray is kept on the table for students who have trouble blending the sounds and executing the phoneme grapheme correspondence in their minds…then they can write them in the rice tray where they can read them as they say them.
  7. Finger spelling (Orton- Gillingham) students finger taps one sound at a time before writing.
  8. Review - say, write words to mastery – use mirror to see how mouth changes if confusion between vowels
  9. Dictation of Sentences- 2 to 4 sentences provided in each lesson plan
  10. Reading of Word Lists – frequent re-reading of word lists to improve automaticity. Teacher photocopies word list daily, >85 lists in binder, eventually.
  11. Controlled Reading – use only controlled readers until after lesson 6 in the advanced binder – 31 language concepts have been learned by this time so the student is now able to segment new words.
  • A quick search provided no empirical research for this program. However, the design of the program is based on research.
  • There were no weaknesses noted.

What People Are Saying

"We have seen much success with our students who are accessing tier 2 and 3 reading intervention. All students were supported in small groups of up to 4 students, depending on needs. Remediation Plus supports all students who require a reading intervention program, no matter if they are identified through an IPRC process or not. Pace of lessons, creative scheduling, accommodations such as movement breaks and flexible groupings allowed for a variety of students to participate in the program."


Special Education
York Catholic District School Board 2022

"..I never thought that in such a short space of time, his whole life would be different. Three weeks into coming to you and he could read! He is now doing exceptionally well and has so much confidence in himself..."


Karen de Sousa Costa

"..We now provide students in South Niagara with the Remediation Plus program. It’s an incredibly effective program. .."


Angie Rubino, Master Reading Teacher
Reading Room

"..I have recently submitted a proposal to INAC (Indian Affairs Canada) to introduce the Remediation Plus Literacy Program into more First Nations communities in Ontario..."


Dr. Mary Beth Minthorn Biggs

"..Our students have been very successful in the short period of time that we have been delivering the program. The time factor along with the success rate is a positive step toward Literacy in the high school setting..."


Maureen Kennedy, Instructional Leader and Lynn Bridges, Vice Principal
Ottawa Technical Learning Centre

"..Using R+ as our main tool for teaching our students how to read is one of the biggest ways we can make a difference in the early learning of your child.."


Paula Woods, SK Teacher
Children’s Garden School

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